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An early commission was to record the Abbey Hotel. A 1930's pub on the North Circular Road in West London. This was for a brochure and showed the bars, dining rooms and banqueting facilities and the final result was very satisfying. Unfortunately, this building has since been demolished to make room for a huge food wholesaler and these images in the files are probably the only surviving record of this lovely art deco building.

There have been other books with subjects as varied as Paris and Digital Photography along with travel brochures and articles written for magazines.


Sometime in the mid 1980's, Keith Adams joined the Ealing & Hampshire House Photographic Society and also The Royal Photographic Society.

Keith has been a very active member of the Ealing society having held every post on the committee (including President) except treasurer. The society meets every Thursday evening in the Ealing Town Hall with the exception of bank holidays and an 8 week summer break when we organise social events.

There website is:

Judging & Talks

Keith judges photographic competitions for other clubs and also gives illustrated talks on Egypt, Lepidoptera and Ancient Britain.


These days, there is quite a substantial amount of photographic reconstruction performed by A.N.T. with apart from repairing damaged photos, there is a demand for people to be removed from or put into photos along with new backgrounds such as removing a wedding couple from a picture taken outside Acton Town Hall for instance and placing them in front of the pyramids, table mountain or perhaps Sydney harbour.

It's amazing what some people ask to be done.

But, however, if it's possible to be done, then we shall do it !!!

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