The Female Form

This gallery is composed of images taken of professional models in studio conditions.

Some of these images are over 10 years old, but are still an important part of my photographic development.

The four images labelled "Nude Study Nos. 1, 2, 5 & 8" were all shot in a studio but instead of flash, I used the tungsten modelling lights and shot on tungsten-balanced ISO 640 film pushed to 6400. This achieved the very grainy effect that I wanted.

The other five images have all been digitally altered or used in parts to a greater or lesser degree in order to create different effects and compositions.

All of these 9 images have been exhibited on Art Web sites in Britain, France and Japan.

They have all also been accepted by many national and international exhibitions including The Royal PS annual exhibition and have all achieved various commendations and awards.

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all images A.N.T / Keith Adams
all rights reserved.